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DAVID C. SWEDELSON, ESQ. is one of California’s leading community association attorneys and a founding partner of SwedelsonGottlieb. David is also the firm partner in charge of content for its widely-viewed HOA Law Blog, the best resource for the latest news and information affecting California common interest developments.  His broad experience in representing California community associations allows him to not only provide legal representation, but also counsel his association clients’ Boards on many different matters and issues that impact California condominium and homeowners associations. His many years of experience representing thousands of California community associations have given David the ability to be a real problem solver and have truly earned him the title of counselor at law. David has been called in on many occasions to resolve problems that the board or even other legal counsel have not been able to resolve, including matters relating to nuisances, common area damage, and abusive owners or renters, to name a few of the types of problems he has successfully resolved for his condominium, planned development and stock cooperative clients.

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