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STEVEN S. WEIL, ESQ. is one of the founding principals of Berding | Weil and serves on its Executive Committee. He has practiced community association law since 1984 and has helped clients address virtually all types of challenges arising out of the operation of community associations. Early in his career his practice included construction defect claims. More recently he has been the “architect” of numerous votes helping Boards obtain membership approval to initiate arbitration and litigation (and loans, amendments and special assessments). Other areas of practice include advising clients on compliance with association, board and member duties under the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act and other state and federal laws; analyzing fiduciary duty, free speech, discrimination, parking and insurance issues; assisting communities address construction needs; and handling CC&R and architectural enforcement matters. Steve is especially effective in helping communities facing political challenges and financing large capital improvements or other projects requiring membership or judicial approval.

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