EP19: Florida Condo Collapse and Liability Concerns

In this episode, we’ll discuss the condo collapse of Champlain Towers South that happened in Florida on June 24th, 2021 and reflect on what we know so far about the cause, what we expect to happen from both an insurance and liability standpoint to the owners and board members, and what lessons we can take from this terrible tragedy in regard to our own communities.

EP13: Insurance and Liability Concerns When Hiring Business Partners

DESCRIPTION: In this episode, we’ll discuss insurance and liability concerns around hiring business partners to service your community.

EP10: Restoration Wisdom for HOAs

DESCRIPTION: In this episode, we’ll discuss what happens – or what should happen – in the immediate aftermath of a fire, water loss, earthquake, etc., and what you can do NOW to be better prepared to bounce back more quickly after one of these disasters.